NCrypt - NMRC File Encryptor / Decryptor / Wiper

NCrypt is intended to give you security in an insecure environment. If you are wanting to encrypt files (particularly on a multi-user system where you don't have root), wishing to hide your activites from prying eyes, and want to "cover your tracks", then NCrypt is for you. It is a symmetrical file encryptor/decryptor that gives you the choice of the top three candidates for AES as the encryption algorithm (Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish), tries to minimize exposure of the plaintext password in memory, and can safely erase the plaintext version from the hard drive. It compiles without any extra crypto libraries, making it ideal for systems where you just have a compiler and basic libraries (such as an ISP's shell server).


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NCrypt implementation by Simple Nomad [thegnome at]. Extensive code review by Inertia [inertia at]. Additional coding by Todd MacDermid [tmacd at]. Based upon code by Joh Johnson, which was taken from code by Gary Rancier, as well as code taken from Dave Whiting's Twofish implementation. Other code is based upon sample code from the excellent book "Building Secure Software" by John Viega and Gary McGraw. Support This Project
Updated 26Sep2004